A more relaxed and joyful Pregnancy and Birth experience for the whole family.


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I expect you have landed on this site because you are looking for the best way to prepare for the birth of your baby....or may be you are not feeling brilliant and are looking for ways to feel the mama radiance you were expecting.... You may have already given birth and have been left traumatised and in need of support and healing .....or you just want to retreat somewhere peaceful and healing, to receive nourishment and support.

If this is you, read on.

There are so many schools of thought, teachers and methods out there it can be quite confusing. So as not to waste your precious time I’ll give you now an overview of what I offer and you can see if it is for you.

A bit about me :
My name is Olivia. I am the mother of 4 children, aged 15 to 31, all born at home. I have been involved in teaching and supporting parents for over 20 years and training birth professionals for over a decade now. During that time I have studied with many great teachers, often the best in their field, including Marie Mongan, the founder of HypnoBirthing. I eventually developed my own system based on the learning and experience I gained as a mother, teacher and trainer.
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My perception of Birth:
Birth has often been described as the most challenging experience anyone can have, utterly painful and potentially wounding and traumatising. More recently some women have called their birth 'ecstatic', or even 'orgasmic', and the most empowering moment of their whole life. How can there be such a massive difference? What is the truth?

Birth has the potential to be all of the above. Through my own births and my work with families I have come to understand and witness the many factors that can have an impact on how the birth is experienced by all involved. What follows is what I can offer you to guide and support you on your journey as a woman, mother and couple.

•Well being in Pregnancy:
The preparation for birth starts with conception and well being in pregnancy:

Nutritional and herbal support:
My personal and professional experience, backed by evidence based research, has shown me how nutrition and herbs can have a huge impact on pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. The products I offer have been sourced very carefully to make sure they are safe and effective. Products like Dr Schultze Superfood have been around for over 30 years and are an essential resource in the childbearing year. Welcome World herbal teas are hand blended in small batches using wild crafted or organically grown herbs and were created for optimum health and well being in pregnancy and family life.
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Pregnancy retreats:
Pregnancy and is a time for receiving as well as giving nourishment. You are making a baby, and sometimes this incredible work is exhausting and challenging and support and nourishment is needed. At other times you may just want to be in a place of beauty and serenity where you can rest, renew and enjoy connecting with your baby or/and your partner.
Taking place in an area of outstanding beauty, in a relaxed and nourishing environment, the retreats also offer the opportunity to learn hypnoBirthing and receive coaching or counselling sessions to help you navigate the big transition into Motherhood. Enjoy the yoga sessions, the hot tub and the foot, back or full body massage and complementary therapies offered by practitioners specialising in pregnancy and new mama care.

Our next pregnancy retreat takes place near Totnes in Devon in Feb. 2017. Contact us for more info.

• Birth preparation:
The work I do in my workshops, retreats and individual sessions (in person, by email, phone or Skype) aims to guide women and couples to create the conditions which will most enable them to have the experience they are wanting and to remove or transform, the blocks which may get in the way.
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birth stories page to read about the experiences some of my clients have had and here to see what you can expect from my birth preparation or holistic Hypnobirthing sessions.

• Birth trauma Healing
I have great compassion for the women/families who have been wounded by their birth experience, may be because I have had much trauma myself. I have many skills and much experience in the field of birth trauma healing and I am grateful that I have been able to make such a difference in the lives of women and families.

If you would like to find out more or just want an informal chat to get a sense if I am the right person to support you on your pregnancy journey get in touch. You can call me on 01803 226127 or send me an

I look forward to hearing from you.